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Ron's love of production all started back in

1985 as he was an extra in the RunDmc movie

Krush Groove.Other videos, he has appeared

in was by Jive Recording Artist,BBJ

"Blame God'. His love of the Business

continued for many years and most recently

he did extra work on the movie 2009 Notorious,

the story of Biggie Smalls, and a Sundance

movie release called 2011,When The Music

Stopped starring JK Simmons of Spiderman

fame.He also was part of studio audiences for

Who wants to be a Millionare,The Marriage Ref

Americas Got Talent,The Bill Cunningham

Show Talk Back Segment #1143, & most

recent in July of 2012 party scene for

"Begin Again" formerly "Can a Song Save

Your Life"

Starring Adam Levine of Maroon 5 but his

greatest accomplishment in this genre was

to work with the Late Great Attorney

Johnny Cochran.His quest has only begun...

Johnnie Cochran & Ron Johnson

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